Synopses of 2012 Challenges

Challenge A:  assembly required

  • Design and build Equipment that retrieves Parts and delivers Products.
  • Assemble Products from team-provided Parts to fill Orders, and use the Products in your team’s Presentation.
  • Earn extra points by deciding how best to fill Orders with no Parts or Products left over in the Assembly Area.
  • Present a team-created story about something that happens just in time.

Challenge B:  solar stage

  • Create and present a theatrical performance that tells a Story about the use of solar energy.
  • Integrate research about past and/or current uses of solar energy.
  • Design and create a Solar Energy Prototype that demonstrates a new way to collect, capture and use solar energy.
  • Design and provide Theatrical Lighting to illuminate the Presentation and to create special theatrical effects.

Challenge C:  coming attractions

  • Present a Movie Trailer involving characters from at least two Nations.
  • Design a Cinematic Special Effect and feature it in the Movie Trailer.
  • Create an Original Soundtrack that complements the Movie Trailer.

Challenge D:  news to me

  • Learn about different types of News Stories.
  • Learn about Cause-and-Effect relationships.
  • Use Cooperative Human Scenery and Props to enhance your Skit.
  • Create a 5-minute Improvisational Skit about the Cause-and-Effect relationship between two unrelated News Stories.
  • Have all your plans suddenly become totally discombobulated by a One-Minute Glitch (OMG)!

Challenge E:  hold it!

  • Design, build and test a Structure made entirely out of wood and glue to hold weight and contain Tournament-provided golf balls.
  • Design and build a Delivery Device that will deposit the golf balls, one at a time, into the Structure.
  • Create and present an original Story about a “Captivator.”
  • Integrate the Weight Placement and Golf Ball Delivery into the Story.

Project Outreach:  the world canvas

  • Use creative problem solving tools to identify and select at least one real community need.
  • Design and carry out a Project to address the need.
  • Create an Advertisement and use it in your Project.
  • Create a Marketing Brochure to describe your Project.
  • Share your Project at the Tournament with an entertaining live Presentation.

Rising Stars:  built to last

  • Learn about toys and how they have changed over time.
  • Create a play about making the last toy that will ever be made.
  • Explore how your team works together to make decisions about your team-created toy.