2015 GF Auction Items


Preview of some of the items available for this years GF Scholarship Fund Raiser Auction

Once GF is underway you will need to visit the Auction Site to see items that are in the auction.

Disc Auction Guidelines (document pending)

You must create a user acount in order to place bids on items.  Go to the Auction site (link below) and click on the [Sign up] link in the upper right corner.

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Item: 1
Large Pin Towel
Value:  Priceless

This is not the actual towel but is only representative of how it will look at the end of Global Finals.  

DISC collects donations of pins being traded during Global Finals on a "large" pin towel.  The towel grows on an hourly basis so a current image is not always readily availble.  The towel is included in the auction.  The display rack is not included in the auction.

Shipping Cost:  $75.00
via UPS Ground

Item:  2
Small Pin Towel
Value:  Priceless


While collecting pins for our main collection with often receive duplicate donations.  These pins are collected on our "Small" Pin Towel.

Shipping Cost:  $50.00
via USPS Priority Mail

Item:  3
Plano Pin Pin Towel
Value:  Priceless


Plano Pin is a licensened Vendor for Destination Imagination Pins.  They donate a copy of pins they created for DI Teams 

Shipping Cost:  $25.00
via USPS Priority Mail

Item:  4
2015 Texas DI Pin Collection

picture pending

Preliminary Image does not show all pins (GF Pins not shown)
Texas Affiliate Pin Set (?pins)
Texas Global Pin Set (? pins)
Texas Regional Pins (xx6 pins from ??Regions)

Shadow Box is not included in the Auction

Shipping Cost:  $15.00
via USPS Priority Mail

additional items pending