About DISC

DISC (originally VOMBO) has served as the booster club for Destination Imagination since its inception. In the past, our volunteers have provided the power source for such community bonding events as the Team Managers and Official's Competition, and collaborated on resources like listgroups, social media sites, web sites...and more!


The mission of the volunteer run  Destination Imagination Support Committee ( DISC) is to support the goals of Destination ImagiNation┬« and its participants through scholarships and community building activities of which there have been many throughout the years. Currently,  DISC's chief responsibility is to serve as the Scholarship branch for Destination Imagination:  which includes development of scholarship criteria; receipt and review of scholarship applications; awarding of scholarships; and fund raising for annual scholarship funds.  Each year, as part of the Graduation Celebration, Scholarship Awards are presented to those who are in attendance at the Global Finals Tournament. Their tall Penguins and Booth is an annual delight at the Event, providing a place to view all the current year's pins plus purchase vintage pins, purchase DISC Scholarships pins- plus lots of other great products and resources. The funds for Scholarships each year are generated by the DISC Booth sales.