2012 DISC Scholarship Winners

2012 DISC Scholarship Recipients

The Destination ImagiNation Support Committee is pleased to announce the 2012 scholarship winners. In addition to the scholarships awarded annually to essay, presentation, and web submissions, the committee established the Founders Award in 2007 in recognition and appreciation of the founders of the first booster organization for DI. The award is given annually to the applicant that best exemplifies the spirit of those founders through volunteering in support of Destination ImagiNation and its mission.

Founders Award


Preston Charles Hedrick, CA 

Essay, Presentation, and Web Awards


John R Fontaine & Greg Alan Pelfry, OH (Team Presentation Entry)

Michael Paul Fontaine, OH (Presentation)

Alexander Scott Guy, CA (Presentation)

Megan Lynn Kinneberg, MN (Presentation)

Mackenzie Leigh Kinsella, TX (Presentation) 


Robert Matthew Hsu, MA (Essay)

Sarah Teresa Kuhn, NH (Essay)

Ryan Charles Meltzer, MA (Essay)

Mark Patrick Stern, IL (Presentation)

Lyndi Cole Vinson, OH (Presentation) 


Caroline Josephine Brown, WI (Essay)

Laura Ann Ehlke, WI (Essay)

Kayleigh Elizabeth Gordon, OH (Essay)

Kayleigh Elizabeth Gordon, OH (Presentation)

Mac Scott Gustafson, CO (Essay)

Alexandra Lynn Harris, MN (Essay)

Laura Marie Hayes, MN (Presentation)

Robert Matthew Hsu, MA (Presentation)

Casey Scott Libonate, MA (Essay)

Ryan Lindeborg, CA (Essay)

Ryan Lindeborg, CA (Presentation)

Kayla N. Lutz, IN (Essay)

Daniel Martin Murray, MA (Essay)

Philip Ryan Olson, WA (Essay)

Madison Rose Pierce, MN (Essay)

Kayleigh Ann Sullivan, NH (Presentation) 



Robert Hsu, Andover, Massachusetts)

DI Scholar


James Buell, Fort Worth, Texas

Mary Marek, Bellville, Texas

Ravina Gogna, Modesto, California

Casey Libonate, Pepperell, Massachusetts