2008 DISC Scholarship Recipients

The Destination ImagiNation Support Committee is pleased to announce the 2008 scholarship winners. In addition to the scholarships awarded annually to essay, presentation, and internet submissions, the committee has established the Founders Award in recognition and appreciation of the founders of the first booster organization for DI. The award is given annually to the applicant that best exemplifies the spirit of VOMBO through volunteering in support of Destination ImagiNation and its mission. The 2008 Founders Award is given in memory of Sam Aulson.

Founders Award

Andrew Whitmire, VA ($500)


Internet Track

Heather Compton - TX ($2,000)

Ben White - VA ($2,000)

Cydney Asher - VA ($1,000)


Presentation Track

Samantha Skinger - MD ($750)

Josh Garties - IL ($750)

Jimmy Fontaine - OH ($500)

Sarah Maresh - NE ($250)

Hillary Nienhouse - MI ($250)


Essay Track

Nicholas Vaz - MA ($1,000)

Michael Korte - OH ($500)

Travis Cole Cappel - TX ($500)

Keith Kinsella - TX ($500)