DI Challenge History

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Year Technical Combination Performance & Scientific/Technical Performance Improv Structure Rising Stars Project
2014 Dig In Going to Extremes Laugh Art Loud Pandemonium The Tension Builds Circus! Pitch and Play
2013 In the Zone Wind Visible In Disquise Change in Realitee Twist O Rama Roy G Biv Real to Reel
2012 Assembly Required The Solar Stage Coming Attractions News to Me Hold It! Built to Last The World Canvas
2011 Unidentified Moving Object Spinning a Tale Triple Take Road Show Mythology Mission Verses! Foiled Again Big Bug's Bad Day Dynamic Networks
2010 DIrect DIposit DI-Bot You're Gonna Flip! Do or DI Breaking DI News Weighty News Band Together
2009 Operation Cooperation Instinct Messaging ViDIo Lit Hits Private DI® A New Angle! Hidden! Take Charge
2008 Obstacles of Course Hit or Myth! Di've Got a Secret Chorific Switch! TwisDId History!  
2007 DIrect Flight CSI:DI Round About Courage Switching TraDItions CardDIology Make It New! Its Up to You  
2006 Back At You Kidz Rulz How'd tHAT Happen? On Safari Inside DImension 1-2-Change-A-Roo  
2005 DIzzy Derby Live! It's RaDIo DI! Sudden SerenDIpity Improving Along DIsigning Bridges More to the Story!  
2004 DestiNations in Time The Plot and the Pendulum Cartoon DImensions Upbeat Improv GuessDImate Surprise Trip  
2003 A Change in DIrection ViDIo Adventure Theater SmARTS Once Improv a Time ConnecDId Lost and Found  
In 2003 DI started offering the Non-competitive Rising Stars Challenge  
2002 It's Your Move StranDId On Holiday Art of Improv Dual DIlemma    
2001 IncreDIble Tech Effects Mystery Loves' Company Anonymously Yours DInamic Improv Triplicity    
2000 Fruit Roller Coaster Mixing Apples and Oranges If Music Be the Food of Life.. Play On! Instant Pudding Improv It's Not Impastable   Eggsploration
(Not a Rising Star Challenge)
In it's first year operating as Destination Imagination, DI offered 6 challenges.
Rising Star teams were allowed to do any of the challenges non-competitively.