Synopses of 2002 Challenges

Challenge A: Its Your Move

Scoring: 80% Technical Elements, 20% Other

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

Everybody loves to play games. Whether they are board games, video games, arcade games, or fantasy role playing games, they can be really fun and challenging. What if you could play a game on a giant game board using a vehicle for a Game Piece? What if you could use mechanical devices, computer technology, robotics, and engineering inventions to create the parts for your game?
Your team's task will be to create a theme and playing pieces for a game in which a vehicle serving as your Game Piece moves an Object Delivery Device to four locations on a giant game board. From each of those locations the Object Delivery Device must deliver three Objects to a Receiver. This is a technical Challenge, so in order to solve it, your team will need to incorporate different technical innovations. To make the game more interesting, the path that the vehicle must travel and the four locations on the game board will be different each time the game is played. Your team can also choose where it wants to put its technical emphasis: on the vehicle or on the delivery system.
The goal of this Challenge is to have fun and be as technically creative as possible. Are you ready for the ultimate high tech gaming Challenge? If you are, then It's Your Move!!

Points of Interest! Your team will:

  • Design and build a vehicle to serve as its Game Piece. It will have a self-contained Power Source, a Propulsion System, and a Steering System. The Game Piece will travel a randomly chosen course across the Game Board.
  • Construct an Object Delivery Device (ODD) that will deliver three Objects to a Receiver located on the edge of the Game Board. This ODD may be placed on the vehicle or may be towed, pushed, or otherwise maneuvered by the Game Piece.
  • Construct a Receiver which will act as a receptacle for the Objects delivered by the ODD.
  • Create a story or a theme for their game. This story should tie together all aspects of the presentation. This should include, but is not limited to, the Performance, the Game Piece, the Object Delivery Device, the Receiver, and the Objects. Other aspects of the teams' solution may be incorporated into the overall theme.
  • Integrate an Improv Item and three Side Trips into its Presentation.

Challenge B: StranDId

Scoring: 45% Theatrical Elements; 30% Technical Elements; 25% Other

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You

Think adventure! Think suspense! Stories of people cut off from their world can be thrilling. Robinson Crusoe was marooned on a desert island. The crew of Apollo 13 drifted in a damaged spacecraft. Dorothy was trapped in the Land of Oz. All were stranded with no apparent way to meet the challenges of their circumstances. Yet through their own cleverness, they were all able to succeed.
Imagine the exciting possibilities as your team presents a performance in which the characters must work together to resolve their dilemma. Isolated in a stranded situation and unable to use electric power of any kind, the characters must use a team-invented mechanical device (and their own 'energized' ingenuity!) to cope with their situation. By skillfully adapting everyday items to use in new ways, and with the help of a humorous character, the team will bring its predicament to a happy conclusion.

Points of Interest! Your team will:

  • Create a Presentation in which team members are in a Stranded Situation, and must work together to resolve their predicament.
  • Include a Humorous Character whose humor is integrated into the story.
  • Cuild a StranDId DIvice that uses no electric power, that combines Simple Machines into a Complex Machine. The StranDId DIvice will complete a task that will either help the team while they are stranded or help them to resolve their situation
  • Incorporate into the performance two Commonplace Objects used in new and imaginative ways.
  • Integrate an Improv Item and three Side Trips into the presentation.


Challenge C: On Holiday

Scoring: 70% Theatrical Elements, 30% Other

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

New places, new people, new experiences, time off just for fun!!! Regardless of who you are or where you live, one thing everyone looks forward to is going On Holiday! You and your teammates will create comic escapades in a humorous Presentation about vacation adventures in a Nation other than your own. Humor, drama and enchantment may collide when travelers express wildly different Interpretations as they explore the heart and heritage of a new DestiNation. All aboard! Bon Voyage! Sayonara!

Points of Interest! Your team will:

  • Select and learn about a Nation other than their own as they prepare to travel to that Nation 'On Holiday.'
  • Create an original and humorous Presentation that features one or more traveling groups of characters and their new experiences during a visit to another Nation.
  • Include in the presentation at least two different Interpretations of a certain National or a Cultural Landmark, Event, Custom, Holiday, Plant, Animal, Food, Costume, Language, or Geographic Feature that is unique to that Nation.
  • Design and construct at least one Costume and a Set to enhance the Presentation.
  • Design and create a prop or scenery that undergoes a Physical Transformation that reflects or enhances the change in Interpretation.
  • Integrate an Improv Item and three Side Trips into the Presentation.

Challenge D: Art of Improv

Scoring: 70% Theatrical Elements, 30% Other

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

What do a noisy neighbor, a famous painting, a bucket of cold water, and a snake have in common? You tell us! Your challenge is to create a connection of unrelated elements by integrating a team created image(s) from Famous Artwork, information gathered from an Exploration, a Situation, and a Surprise Character by using an Improvisational technique.
Travel into the world of Improvisation: experience the thrill of unknown challenges and quick thinking...DI-scover the Art of Improv!

Points of Interest! Your team will:

In the months prior to the Tournament, a team will: Prepare research on two

  • Improvisational Elements, practice Improvisational Techniques,
  • explore the possible uses of a set list of items that may be used to create their Presentation, and
  • determine their Specialties as a team.

At the Tournament during a thirty-minute time period in a StuDIo, the team will prepare a Presentation that will incorporate the four Improvisational Elements listed below.

  • 1. Team-created Image(s) from one of six Famous Artworks
  • 2. Information from one of six Explorations
  • 3. At least one Improvisational Technique
  • 4. A Situation

While in the StuDIo, in addition to the above Improvisational Elements, the team will also prepare one Side Trip, a creation of the team's choosing that showcases one of their Specialties as a team. The Team will bring a Tool Box and ten specified Prop Items into the StuDIo, and these items are the only materials the team may use in the creation of their Presentation. One minute prior to the performance, teams will randomly select the identity of one additional Improvisational Element, a Surprise Character that they will integrate into the Presentation.

Challenge E: Dual DIlemma

Scoring: 65% Structural Elements, 35% Other

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

Life is filled with contrasts! Have you ever noticed that when one person tells you, Wait a minute! somebody else is telling you to Hurry up! We have contrasts everywhere! Just think of seasons (frigid winters and sizzling summers), music (slow waltzes and frantic rock and roll), and time (endless eras and quick moments). Contrasts show us differences and allow us to make comparisons.

Since the beginning of time, people have struggled with finding just the right combination of contrasting materials to build Structures that are strong yet lightweight. While some tribes used wooden poles and animal skins for their homes, city skyscrapers are made of steel and concrete. What a contrast of materials!
Your Dual DI-lemma is to design, build and test TWO Structures using contrasting materials and contrasting construction methods, and to present a performance illustrating two contrasting Segments.

What a dilemma this dual balsa wood Structure Challenge is going to be!

Points of Interest! Your team will:

  • Design, build and test two Structures, one PRE-BUILT (built prior to the Tournament) of balsa wood, paper, and glue, and the other SITE-BUILT (built on site at the Tournament) of balsa wood and duct tape. The testing of the Structures will take place during the team’s Presentation.
  • Create a Presentation with two distinct Segments showing a CONTRAST between each.
  • Create a Costume that shows a CONTRAST by changing from one segment to another.
  • Construct a Prop that shows CONTRAST by being transformed from one segment to the other.
  • Integrate an Improv Item and three Side Trips into the Presentation