Synopses of 2007 Challenges

Challenge A: DIrect Flight

Focus: Technical Design and Construction, Innovation and Design Process, Mathematics, Experimentation, Theater Arts, Strategic Planning, Teamwork

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

Have you ever dreamed of soaring in the clouds and then gliding back to earth, defying gravity to feel the wind in your hair and see the world from a whole new perspective? Like many in history who have dreamed this dream before you, in this Challenge your team will have the chance to create Aircraft and show how they soar, perform stunts and then land exactly where you planned. Like Leonardo, Amelia, Joseph and Jacques, Wilbur and Orville, you can show the world that your ideas are destined to fly!


Points of Interest! Your team will:

  • Design and construct one or more Aircraft that will fly to one of several Landing Zones. One of the Aircraft will be constructed at the Tournament from a single sheet of paper.
  • Design and construct up to three Elevators that will raise and release the Aircraft
  • Randomly select Test Flight Cards and conduct Test Flights of the Aircraft as described on the Cards
  • Create a skit with a Story that will bring together all elements of the team's presentation
  • Create two Side Trips and integrate them into your team's Presentation

Challenge B: CSI:DI

Focus: Theater Arts (Playwriting, Technical Design & Construction), Scientific Principles of Light, Shadow & Illumination, Technical Design, Innovation and Design Process, Investigative Techniques, Deductive Reasoning, Teamwork

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

Color. Shadow. Illumination. Your colorful crime fighting team has the technology to shed light on an investigation! Just like Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew, colorful characters before you have delved into the shadows to investigate cases. Investigators often use gadgets to help illuminate the evidence needed to solve the case. Your Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to bring another case to a close!


Points of Interest! Your team will:

  • Develop and present an original Story abou the investigation of a Case, the supporting Evidence, and the resolution of that case.
  • Include a Colorful Character and a Shadowy Character in the Story
  • Use innovative methods to produce a theatrical CSI Effect by using Color, Shadow and/or Illumination.
  • Desisn & Build a Gadget that used one or more properties of Visible Light coming from or into the Gadget to reveal or analyze at least one piece of Physical Evidence.
  • Create two Side Trips and integrate them into the Presentation.



Challenge C: Round About Courage



Playwriting, Theater Arts (Theater In the Round, Props and Set Pieces), Technical Effects, Innovation & Design Process, Teamwork

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

Heroes are courageous - they sometimes slay dragons to save whole villages! But there are also everyday acts of courage like raising you hand in class or trying a new stunt on your skateboard. You team will create and present a story of a Heroic Adventure that includes a Personal Challenge for the Hero to overcome. The Presentation will be done in the style of Theater in the Round and will include a Technical Set Piece that brings your Story to life. And you have to do everything without electricity! It's time for your hero to show brilliant courage to those who surround the stge.


Points of Interest! Your team will:

  • Present a theatrical performance of a team-created Story about a Heroic Adventure.
  • Include a Hero in the Story who must overcome a Personal Challenge.
  • Present your performance in the style of Theater in the Round.
  • Integrate one or more Technical Set Pieces(s) or Prop(s) into your presentation
  • Present your solution without the use of electricity
  • Create two Side Trips and add them to the Presentation


Challenge D: Switching TraDItions

Focus: Impovisational Acting, Story Development, Research, Social Studies, Geography, Theater Arts, Teamwork, Design and Innovation.

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

Truly experiencing another culture requires every sense - to really appreciate how others live, you must see, feel, hear, taste and smell what makes their lives different from yours. In this Challenge, you'll zoom around the world experiencing International Traditions in a matter of nanoseconds. At one moment you may taste the tang of sauce currie in France, and then in the next moment you hear traditional throat singing in Tuva. Poof! You touch the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Let your senses guide you through a world of Traditions.


Points of Interest! Your team will:

  • Create an original six-minute Improvisational Skit during a 30-minute timed period at the Tournament
  • Research six different team-selected Nations and their Traditions and at the Tournament randomly choose three to integrate into your skit.
  • Present a Skit with three Scenes. Each Scene must include one Nation's Tradition and one 'sensory' experience from the Nation that has been randomly drawn from Sensory Cards.
  • Integrate a randomly selected Situation into your Skit.
  • Create a traDItionator from materials brought to the Tournament and integrate it into your Skit.
  • Demonstrate at least one Improv Technique in your Skit.
  • Integrate a randomly selected Picture into your Skit.


Challenge E: CarDIology

Focus: Archiectural Design, Structural Engineering, Construction, Research, Innovation and Design Process, Architectural Drawing, Mathematics, Theater Arts, Teamwork

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You!

Is your destiny in the cards? CARDS are everywhere! CARDS prove our identity. CARDS allow us access to locked doors. CARDS can lead to financial ruin. We are in desperate need of a Card-DI-ologist! Can you help? You need to present a story about the impact of cards, and you must build a structure out of Playing Cards. When your Structure is tested to see how much weight it will hold, is success in the CARDS?


Points of Interest! Your team will:

  • Design, build, and test a Sructure made completely of Playing Cards and with or without Glue.
  • Create an Architectural Drawing of the Structure.
  • Create and Present a Story about the impact or effect any kind of card or cards has on a Character in the Story.
  • Create two Side Trips and integrate them into the Presentation.


Rising Stars!® Challenge: Make it New! Its Up To You

The Destination: Where This Challenge Will Take You

Have you ever imagined, while sitting still one day,


A very special place you know, near of far away?


Learn all about a Landmark, a place for all to see,


Maybe it's a statue, or a huge, gigantic tree.


Maybe it's a building, built so long ago.


The more you learn about it, the more you will know.


The make a new Invention that changes in some way,


You can do it by yourselves. You're Rising Stars! Hurray!!!


Your challenge is to make up a Play that will have a Landmark that changes. A Landmark is a well-known, special place. Some or all of your team must get inside the Landmark. You will also create an Invention that will make a noise and will change the Landmark in some way. One Character wears a hat you have made out of newspaper.