Synopses of 2011 DI Challenges

Challenge A:  Unidentified Moving Object

A dam breaks, a bridge collapses, the electricity goes out—and the hustle and bustle of city life comes to a screeching halt. Few notice our nation’s infrastructure… until something goes wrong! It will take all your creative powers and construction talents to reach new heights and deliver materials where they’re needed most!

  • Design and build Equipment to move various Materials to and from towering heights
  • Start and end the Presentation with the Equipment contained in a Storage Box
  • Create and present a Sales Promotion highlighting the features of the Equipment
  • Complete all of the above with no AC electrical power
  • Cost Limit $175


Challenge B:  Spinning a Tale

Carousels, Ferris wheels, revolving doors and twirling kids. It’s enough to make you dizzy! Boundless energy, endless revolutions, and never starting or stopping at the same place. Can you write a story that does the same thing? In a world where the end is the beginning, your team will truly come full circle!

  • Research Energy Cycles in the Natural and/or Physical World
  • Develop and present an original three-act Circular Story that demonstrates knowledge about one Energy Cycle of the team’s choice
  • Create a DIcycler that changes as the Story progresses and the acts change
  • Create a Finale that uses your DIcycler to signal the end of your Presentation
  • Cost Limit $125


Challenge C:  Triple Take Road Show

Rock bands, salesmen, authors and politicians all perform on the road. New settings, new audiences, the same stories. Now it’s your turn to pack your bags, go on tour and tell your tale! Your act is sure to be a success, but will it work for an audience of laughing hyenas? How about for menacing ogres or stuffy diplomats? On with the show… again and again!

  • Use different Storytelling Methods to tell the same story to three team chosen Pretend Audiences
  • Portray the Travel Methods used to move your Traveling Road Show between different Pretend Audiences
  • Integrate a team-created Technical Spectacle into one presentation to a Pretend Audience
  • Cost Limit $125


Challenge D:  Mythology Mission

Calling all fearless, daring adventurers: team up to journey to new lands, stumble across new cultures, and never look back! But can you survive mythical creatures and come home with mementos of your quest? Adventure awaits on this exciting Mythology Mission!

  • Create a five-minute Improvisational Skit about a Mission involving a Mythical Creature. This must be done in a five-minute Preparation Time prior to your Presentation at the Tournament.
  • Incorporate research about a Culture from a country. 
  • Incorporate three Souvenirs randomly selected from the list of items and combine them to create one Master Prop.
  • Incorporate an Unexpected Problem that is discovered on stage


Challenge E:  Verses! Foiled Again!

Place weights on a structure of foil, glue and wood, And tell us a story—one that’s thoroughly good! When a character is foiled, what will you do? Will you laugh, will you triumph, or will you be foiled too?

  • Design and build a Structure made only of Aluminum Foil, Wood and Glue
  • Test how much weight the Structure will hold
  • Present a Story about a character that is Foiled
  • Integrate team-written Verse and published Verse into your Story
  • Cost Limit $100


Project Outreach:  Dynamic Networks

From smoke signals to blogs and texts, people have used communication tools for hundreds of years to connect to each other. Now it’s your turn! Can you unite your community for a cause you care about? If so, you’ll have the power to change the world!

  • First, your team will design and carry out a Project to address a real community need and integrate a social network.
  • Second, at the Tournament, your team will showcase your Project with an Album and a Presentation, as well as complete an Instant Challenge.
  • Cost Limit $125


Rising Stars:  Big Bug's Bad Day

When Big Bug has a bad day, everyone has a bad day. All of Big Bug’s friends want to get back to having fun. Explore their world and find out what’s bothering Big Bug! Will Big Bug’s Bad Day get better, or will it become an even bigger bummer? It’s up to you!

  • Learn about bugs and how they work with other living things
  • Create a play that tells about Big Bug’s bad day
  • Explore how Big Bug’s friends try to make the day better