Past Scholarship Entries


2014 Entries


  • John Fontaine - PDF - Posters and Bookmarks - Why DI
  • Kira Perzel Mandell - MP3 - Song
  • Anthony Landini - PPT - What is DI
  • Kaina Chen - Movie - What is DI?




2006 entry Team Manager Training Workshop (3MB ppt)

2006 entry Instant Challenge Workshop (804 KB power point)

2006 entry Being Part of a Team (343 KB ppt) - Training for New Team Members

2006 entry New Team Manager (5 MB wmv file)

2006 entrySo, You're Going Global!  (2MB ppt) Covers tips for teams going to Global Finals


Internet Sites

DI Tool Time (2010 Scholarship Entry)

  • The goal of this website is to provide basic information about tools that I think Destination ImagiNation teams should be comfortable using as well as providing some basic guidelines for their use.

Instant Challenge Gold Mine (2008 Scholarship Entry)

  • Sample Instant Challenges and Ideas for Instant Challenge Practice.

DI Tech DIcoded - introduction to Technical topics for DI Teams (2008 Scholarship entry)

  • The purpose of this website is to try and demystify technical elements for Destination ImagiNation® teams.

Diary of a Balsa Goddess - a reference site for structure teams (2006 Scholarship entry)

  • The purpose of this website is to provide new Destination ImagiNation® structure teams with basic information that they need as they start to solve the structure challenge