• Diary of a Balsa Goddess - Website created by Heather Compton as an entry for the Vombo internet content scholarship. This site includes tutorials on structure basics as well as video's of Team Solutions to the structure challenge.
  • Balsa Wood Road Map - Information on Balsa Wood and Structure Challenges.  Site created by former participant in Creative Problem Solving competitions Jake Zimmer.
  • Structures Around the World - Activities for the Elementary Classroom
  • Building Big- PBS Website that explores bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams and tunnels. Includes interactive engineering labs and challenges to solve for each of the types of structures. Geared toward elementary students.


Reference Books

  • The Art of Construction, Mario Salvadori, Chicago Review Press, Chicago, IL, 1990, ISBN 1-55652-080-8, 200+ pgs, Grades 6-Adult
  • Building Toothpick Bridges, Jeanne Pollard, Dale Seymour Publications, Palo Alto, CA, 1985, ISBN 0-86651-266-7, 32 pgs, Grades 5-Adult
  • Messing Around with Drinking Straw Construction, Bernie Zubrowski, Little, Brown & Co, Ltd, 1981, ISBN 0-316-98875-8, 164 pgs, Grades 3-Adult
  • Structures, Bernie Zubrowski, Cuisenaire Company of America, White Plains, NY, 1993, ISBN 0-938587-35-8, 96 pgs, Grades 5-Adult (Excellent)
  • Structures or Why Things Dont Fall Down, J. E. Gordon, DaCapo Press, Inc., New York, NY, 1978, ISBN 0-306-80151-5, 395 pgs, Grades 9-Adult
  • Why Buildings Stand Up: The Strength of Architecture, Mario Salvadori, W. W. Norton & Company, New York, NY, 1980 ISBN 0-393-30676-3, 323 pgs, Grades 9-Adult



  • Pitsco Pitsco sells a variety of products (scales, balsa cutters, instructional booklets) that would be of interest to structure teams.
  • Micro Mark - Another supplier that carries products that may be of interest to structure teams.

Check the Balsa Goddess Website above for additional links to suppliers



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