Just For Fun

You never know where a team can find inspiration. Here is a list of fun links of websites and videos. These links and videos are listed with the most recent additions at the top.

Videos (These links are to a page of you Tube videos)

  • Pilobolus Dance Company on the Connan OBrien show - This dance company takes dance and Shadow Puppetry to a new level
  • Kinetic Structures: Engineer/Artist Theo Jansen creates sculptures that walk powered only by the wind.
  • Maestro: This Frenchman plays tunes on horns that are taped all over his jumpsuit. You just have to watch it to understand.
  • Matrix Ping Pong: This is from a Japanese game show. They emulate a ping pong game played ala the MATRIX "bullet time" format. Very fun to watch.
  • Nintendo Choir: College Choir group doing classic Nintendo Video game songs. How many can you recognize.
  • Evolution of Dance: Comedian Judson Laipply doing a montage of dance styles through the years.


Videos (These links take you to other sites)

  • Honda Commercial - This is a Honda Commerical from a few years ago. It is a Rube Goldberg device made ONLY from parts of a Honda Car. There was no special effects in this and I understand that it took over 600 takes before they got it right. If you have patience and a fast connection you can click on : HighRes Honda to download a 47MB version of the commercial.
  • Blue Man Group Drumbone - Link to a performance by the Blue Man Group on a Drumbone (a percussion trombone made from PVC pipe). Click here for information on other instruments the Blue Man group has invented. Search YouTube to find other clips.
  • Ice Ice Baby : Keith Wann a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) comedian takes on an interpreters worst nightmare - a rap song. (Takes you to a Google Video Link)




  • Bent Objects:  The Secret Life of Everyday Objects
  • Strand Beest: Website of Theo Jasen who creates living kinetic sculptures - see video above.
  • Microscopic Art - This man has taken miniature art to a new level. How about a statue of liberty inside the eye of a needle?
  • Stomp: Stomp is a percussion / dance group that I recommend everyone see at least once. Visit this website and select the Show-Audio Video link to to see short video clips of their performances. Search youtube to find other video clips.
  • Lion King - If you've never seen the Lion King Play you need to make the effort when it comes to town. The costumes are amazing. This link shows you some background about the costumes. The link is to a page of links of video files about the Lion King. Watch the video about the costumes.
  • Polage. - The artist (Austine Wood-Comarow) does collages from Polarized light and coined the name Polage for the artwork. The collages look like clear etched glass until viewed through polarized lenses which bring out a beautiful array of colors that changes as the polarized lens is rotated.
  • Canstruction - is a Food Charity sponsored by the Society for Design Administrators. Architectural and Engineering firms create sculptures from canned and boxed food for judging. At the end of the contest the goods are donated to a local food bank. Check out the cool sculptures.
  • Stuck at Prom - Duck Brand Duct Tape sponsors a scholarship contest where Prom goers create prom dresses and tuxes out of Duct Tape. The outfits created for this contest are amazing.