Frequently Asked Questions - scholarships

It is not a requirement to submit a  "Marketing" or "Tool" track entry in order to be eligible.

All application materials become the property of DISC and will not be returned.  DISC reserves the right to use submitted materials for educational and publicity purposes

Applicants should be graduating from high school or currently in a post-secondary educational program. They must have participated in at least one of the programs Destination Imagination offers as a team member or as a volunteer and should be actively continuing their involvement in Destination Imagination in some capacity, either as a team member or as a volunteer.

Participants from our international affiliates are welcomed and encouraged to apply, but should realize we do require the materials to be presented in English as we do not have translators available. Our international applicants should also be aware that the awards will are paid to their learning institution in US dollars.

Remember that as long as you remain active -or become active- in Destination Imagination, and are continuing your education at the post-secondary levels, you are encouraged to apply for a DISC scholarship.  Continued participation, in whatever form it may take, is an important scoring component.

If you are awarded a DISC Scholarship, a form will be emailed to you that must be filled out by your college or educational institution. We ONLY pay the award to such institutions; payment will NOT be made to an individual awardee. When we receive the DISC Scholarship form verifying your enrollment, we notify DI HQ and payment will be made through them beginning in the month of September.

No. The applicant must choose only ONE of the two Creative Scholarship tracks:  " Marketing" or "Tool".  Applicants  for either Creative Scholarship track MAY also apply for the Founders Award.  


The all-volunteer Reviewing Committee is composed of members from all across the USA. We cannot meet "face to face" so we do all our work via the internet. Therefore we need a format that all can review in their own homes. Providing us with electronic versions helps us to do that.

We do not publish a standard individual award amount, which provides us with the flexibility to award larger amounts for exceptional entries and reduced amounts for honorable mentions. The past few years' award amounts and recipients are available on this website. Please take the time to visit that site and see if you recognize some of our previous outstanding awardees! Some of them may be working in your Region or Affiliate now as Challenge Masters, Team Managers or just about anywhere else an experienced hand is needed! You can view past award recipients by clicking here.

Send any questions to: The Scholarship Chairs.  We will do our best to give you a timely answer!